Diversification of Economy of Bahrain
Marcopolis.net Video Interview with National Oil and Gas Authority, HE Abdul Hussain bin A...
published: 14 Jun 2012
Bahrain protests impact economy
In the small Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, where anti-regime protests have raged for a month, l...
published: 14 Mar 2011
author: AFP
Bahrain economy suffering under unrest
Prices in the capital city of Manama have risen, partly due to the state of the world econ...
published: 03 Apr 2012
Al Khalifa Says Bahrain's Economy, Regulation `Robust': Video
April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Essa al Khalifa, chief executive officer of the...
published: 23 Mar 2012
author: Bloomberg
Interview with Dr. Essam Fakhro on Bahrain's Economy 2011
Marcopolis.net Video Interview with Dr. Essam Fakhro, President of Bahrain Chamber of Comm...
published: 02 Aug 2011
Channel News Asia - Money Mind - Bahrain Economy
Channel News Asia from Singapore, hosted the program about Bahrain on Money Mind from Marc...
published: 03 Apr 2012
Expos boost Bahrain economy
Expos boost Bahrain economy...
published: 22 Apr 2014
The Most Important Economic Sector in Bahrain
Marcopolis.net Video Interview with Faisal Al Mahroos, CEO of BAPCO (Bahrain Petroleum Com...
published: 14 Jun 2012
Panel Discussion in Birmingham on Bahrain's Politics and Economy
The Bahraini delegation to the United Kingdom took part in a discussion panel hosted by Mi...
published: 14 Oct 2011
Bahrain interested in learning from Singapore's economy
Bahrain has expressed interest in learning from Singapore on how to transform its economy,...
published: 26 Nov 2010
Oxford Business Group The Report: Bahrain - Discussion on Bahrain's Politics and Economy
Oxford Business Group's Bahrain report was given to all delegates to a Panel Discussion in...
published: 02 Apr 2012
Bahrain sheikh: Economy first
Sheikh Mohammed Bin Essa Al Khalifa of Bahrain talks about the need to balance security an...
published: 16 Feb 2011
author: CNNMoney
Bahrain protests stall economy
As martial law introduced in Bahrain Commerce is concerned at the downturn in business wit...
published: 15 Mar 2011
author: ReutersVideo
Bahrain Economic Delegation Encourages Italian Businesses to Invest in The Region
A senior Bahrain economic delegation led by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and joine...
published: 22 Nov 2011
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Protests Break Out in Libya; Unrest in Bahrain Will Not Affect Economy
Taking a page from the successful protests in Egypt and Tunisia that ousted the heads of s...
published: 16 Feb 2011
Gulf Air - Frankfurt to Bahrain
Flug mit Gulf Air von Frankfurt nach Bahrain am 18.08.2010. (C) 2011 Jaluwi Productions....
published: 24 Sep 2011
Bahrain interested in learning from Singapore_s economy.mp4
Bahrain interested in learning from Singapore_s economy.mp4...
published: 29 Jul 2013
bahrain economy is going down
Recorded live on March 25 at 8:48am. -- Recorded live on Justin.tv - http://j-tv.me/gELB8...
published: 27 Mar 2011